Make Some Memories

(this speech can be adapted to any sport. It can also be easily lengthened or shortened depending on your time constraints.)

Make Some Memories

I know that most of the time you guys spend your days living and thinking about what’s here and now. You might dream about the future, but you don’t spend too much time analyzing what your future will be like. Let me take you on a short trip into your future...

In the next couple of years (or later) some of you will be at your new jobs, some will be off to college, some will be in the service, and some may still be trying to find your way in life. No matter where you are at, at some point in the future you will run into someone who is here at tonight's game, whether it is a fan, a teammate, or even a member of the other team. No matter who it is, you will share a moment in the future with someone and they will bring up tonight's game.

The question is: What causes them to bring up tonight's game? What did you do tonight to cause them to remember tonight's game? What memory did you create tonight that lasted thru years of time in this person's mind? Was it the game winning score? Was it a bone-jarring tackle? Was it a one-handed catch? Was it a record setting feat? Think about it! What will you do tonight that will cause someone in your future to remember????

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The time has come to go out there and make some great memories for yourself and for your team! Let’s Go!!

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